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Comparison websites are very useful in terms of searching for the best deals available on the internet. It makes life so much easier when we can rely on someone else to do the groundwork leaving us consumers to peruse their information in comfort in order to take up the best deal for us. Deciding which comparison site to go with is equally confusing but in general most of the well known websites are useful with varying offers plus a multitude of deals available. Below are a few comparison sites we looked at to see just what was on offer in terms of credit cards.

If your not completely clued up on credit cards, how they work, when to pay them off etc then we recommend you read our easy to understand guide first before comparing credit cards and comparison sites.

Comparison Site Cards Available Types of Cards Other Services Savings Claimed Offers
Moneysupermarket.commoney supermarket 230 plus Platinum, Gold, Reward Cards, Cash back, Points Card, Club Card Insurance, ISA's, Loans, Current Accounts, Savings, and Banking £200 for credit cards, £1,000 if you take up other services £200 for credit cards, £1,000 if you take up other services
Confused.comconfused 100 plus Balance Transfer, Low Fee, Interest free credit, Cash Back. Credit build, Rewards & Points, Travel Cards, Low Rate APR Insurance, Utilities, Travel, Business, Savings, Current Accounts Refund of handling fee + £30 refund for transfers over £2,000 Refund of handling fee + £30 refund for transfers over £2,000
Comparethemarket.comcompare the market 138 Balance Transfer, 0% Interest on Transfers and Purchases, Cash back, Rewards, Low long term APR, Credit Building, Bank Cards Insurance, Energy, Broadband, Business, Travel Guaranteed lowest price, save £620 when switching cards Guaranteed lowest price, save £620 when switching cards
Totallymoney.comtotally money 45 plus Balance Transfer, 0% purchases, Cash back, Rewards, Low fee Loans, Mortgages, Savings, Insurance, Energy, Current Accounts Save £500 interest with right card, make £300 per year in cash back Double chance of acceptance, protect credit rating, Money match calculator
Gocompare.comgo compare 21 Balance Transfer, 0% on purchases, Low Transfer Fee, Cash Back, Rewards, Low APR, Credit builder

Loans, Holidays, Payment Protection, Mortgages, Current Accounts, Insurance

Depends on card chosen Free competition entry to win car insurance uk logo 200 plus 0% Balance Transfers, 0% Purchases, Low APR, Interest Free, Cash Back, Rewards Insurance, Investments, Current Accounts, Loans, Mortgages, Savings, Travel Money Specified with card applied for Free newsletter re bargains, Free B Toy, Latest deals for all services
Tescocompare.comTesco Compare logo 150 plus Balance transfer, 0%, Cash back, Rewards, Low APR, Credit builder, Bad credit, Use abroad, Air miles, Premium Insurance, Current accounts, Savings, Loans, Mortgages, Utilities Save hundreds pounds in interest None specific for credit cards
Uswitch.comuSwitch logo 55 0% balance transfer, 0% purchase, Credit builder, Reward, Low APR, Cash back, Travel, Airline

Utilities, Broadband, Money, Insurance, Mobile

Save 1000 plus when taking up a range of services offered None specific A Detailed Comparison Site

money super market credit cards is a well known comparison site that markets itself well through television advertising. The site is filled with useful financial advice regarding all its comparison articles from credit cards to loans and insurance. The front page is colourful, well presented plus easy to find your way around making it good for the techno- phobic who are not too familiar with the internet. At first glance you can easily see what the site expects you will save in terms of money if you use their service, making you want to investigate further.

The aim of a good comparison site is to assist in finding the best deal in whatever service you are looking for. does this admirably. Money Supermarket.Com claim they can save you £200 by using their site to find a credit card while they also claim that if you use the site to search for other services they compare you can save up to £1,000 in total.

The website lists all the latest news regarding saving money plus the latest offers from different companies such as money saving vouchers or family days out. Money Supermarket also claims to increase your chances of approval if you apply for a card through their website. With a card tailored to suit your individual needs listed among the 230 plus available customers will find this site very efficient.

Compare credit cards at Money Supermarket You Won’t Be!

confused credit cards is an excellent comparison sites that caters for customers who wish to compare prices, therefore make an informed decision regarding which credit card to sign up for. The website is easy to understand with bold lettering along with amusing hand drawn depictions of a character who does in fact look very confused!

Confused.Com offers information on many services, from financial, through to travel and business. As far as credit cards are concerned just click on the credit card icon and you are furnished with a list detailing the attributes and offers held by each card. Clicking on apply will redirect you to the card provider who will give you much more in depth detail regarding the particular card. If you are happy with what you see you can then apply for the card of your choice. With something to suit everyone you can easily select a card to suit your individual requirements.

Compare credit cards at Confused Not the Meerkats!

compare the market credit cards is one of the best known comparison websites in the UK. It runs a huge advertising campaign that is ongoing plus it also sponsors a famous British soap opera bringing the website further into the spotlight of the UK population. The use of the cute cuddly and very intelligent meerkats as their advisors, with the clever slogan of “compare the meerkat” only propels the site more into the public eye as they are very popular with adult and child alike.

As soon as you go through to the website the meerkats are in evidence offering “cracking deals” on credit cards. There are approximately one hundred and thirty eight cards to choose from while once you click through to view a card there is a great calculator that enables you to work out what you will save if you choose to transfer from one card to another, while switching through Compare The Market could save up to £620.

Many of the cards featured have rewards such as cash back or a charity donation, if you are feeling more generous. Everything is explained in detail giving the customer plenty to think about while they decide which card is the best choice for them.

Compare credit cards at Compare The Market A Comprehensive Service!

totally money credit cards is not one of the better known comparison sites but it none the less offers a very comprehensive service. Savings claimed are quite a plus as you will find when you peruse the site, while navigating around is made simple as everything is laid out in a precise way.

Totallymoney.Com offers a money match service that enables customers to browse credit cards offered without affecting their credit rating. When customers fill in a secure form online, Totally Money will show them credit cards that suit their credit profile without affecting their credit score. This is a very useful service as sometimes your score can be affected by your shopping around.

The site is registered with the Information Commissioner and adheres to the Data Protection Act so giving would be customer’s peace of mind when applying.  They also offer a good range of services from financial advice through to Insurance and energy services making it a good all round comparison website.

Compare credit cards at Totally Money A Popular Ditty!

go compare credit cards is very well known as a comparison website due to its high profile advertising campaign on TV. The ad it has to be said is very annoying with the rotund opera singer popping up all over the place singing about Go Compare to would be customers. The ad certainly is memorable though making Go Compare a popular choice when searching for insurance or in this case, credit cards.

The website has all the latest credit cards on offer meaning customers of all types including those with a poor credit score should be accommodated. Go Compare have joined forces with Love Money using them as their preferred provider, while the site has some interesting information that credit card users may not have otherwise known.

Negotiating the website is relatively easy with step by step instructions that the most unfamiliar browser can follow. There is an online magazine for customers to read with all the latest news regarding motoring, insurance, business and your money. It makes interesting reading. Covering all the financial services customers require Go Compare is a useful tool when searching for a credit card online.

Compare credit cards at Go Compare

money uk credit cards has over two hundred credit cards to choose from making it a great place to look when comparing what’s on offer. The website has a question and answer section where customers can type in a question that will be followed up quickly. Before you visit the page where the card of your choice is located, a box will appear advising you to check that you fit the three main criteria required to apply. These are, permanent UK residency, over 18 years of age and a good credit rating.

Customers who have no information regarding their credit score can check before applying by clicking on the more information button by the “which cards are likely to be approved for me” bar. This will save time plus will stop customers who may be rejected going ahead with an application.

The website also offers many financial services information from bank accounts to travel and insurance, meaning that most financial comparisons can be investigated and compared at the click of a button. also has an interesting review forum where customers can read what other consumers think of many of the different financial services compared on the site. It is useful to know what experience other customers have had when applying for credit cards.

Compare credit cards at Money UK

tesco compare logo

When we hear Tesco we immediately think of shopping trolleys and groceries but Tesco has many other services under its umbrella that are worthy of mention, one being its online comparison website. Comparing services such as insurance through to travel and banking it is considered a great place to start when looking for a credit card.

The site is simple to navigate as it is well laid out being totally self explanatory even for the most phobic of internet users. Their credit cards are introduced in cooperation with Love Money their preferred provider, while with over one hundred and fifty cards to choose from there is something for everyone.

Customers who own a credit card can also compare cards at Tesco, probably finding a credit card that is a more agreeable deal, so will suit them better. This results in saving money in the long term. Tesco Compare provides a wealth of useful financial information to your fingertips, so, what have you got to lose? Very little, you are more likely to gain by using this service.

Compare credit cards at Tesco Compare

uswitch logo is a very good online/ telephone switching service that compares a whole range of products in order to save consumers money. Offering a good range of comparisons from utilities to money and insurance they claim users can easily save up to £1000 by switching their products through them.

The site also has the latest news that is updated regularly regarding all the products it compares. The site is easy to navigate while the range of credit cards shown is very comprehensive. Customers should be able to find a card to suit their needs with little trouble. Clicking on the type of card you think will suit you best takes you through to an easy to understand list of options provided by well known companies. Once you decide on the particular card you want you are then redirected through to the provider with all the information you need to make your decision and apply online. Customers can also subscribe to updates so that the latest information is made available immediately.

Compare credit cards at U Switch

Credit Cards Explained

credit card guide


Before customers decide to apply for a credit card it is useful to understand just what a credit card is, what it is used for and how the system works that surrounds applying for a card. Many people take up the offer of a credit card without thinking it over properly. This can be due to advertising that draws us in, offering us what seems like limitless spending. So, let’s have a look at credit cards in more detail.

Is a Credit Card the Same as a Debit Card?

Plastic cards have become a way of life in our moneyless society. Debit cards that take money directly from our current accounts are very convenient meaning that customers don’t have to carry large amounts of cash around. The payment is honoured as long as you have the funds in your bank account to cover the amount promised.

A credit card is very different to a debit card as customers sign a credit agreement when applying for a credit card with the provider that sets out the terms and conditions of how the card is used. It includes information such as what happens when a payment is missed or if you lose or have your card stolen. In effect you are borrowing money when you use a credit card whereas when you spend using a debit card you are spending your own money.

Can I spend endlessly?

No, when you receive your card your provider will set a credit limit that is based upon how much they think you can afford to pay back per month. You will be charged interest on anything you spend if you do not pay off the balance every month, meaning that credit cards do cost us, it is not free spending money. It is a buy now pay later method.

How does it Work?

Customers can withdraw cash, make purchases or transfer balances from other credit cards onto their new credit card. At the end of the month you will receive a statement from your provider informing you of what you have spent plus what they expect in terms of payment. You can opt to pay the minimum charge meaning you will pay interest as the balance passes over to the next month or pay off everything you have spent so you will not pay interest.

The statement also tells you when your payment is due and lists any previous payment you have made on the account. Providers rely on customers not paying off their total balance monthly so they can charge interest so make money. All credit cards have different interest rates and offers so it is best to consider carefully which card best suits your needs.

Are there any Advantages when it comes to Using a Credit Card?

Yes there are some advantages such as:

  1. Perks - Providers will make donations to charity, offer cash back or Loyalty points to entice customers to sign up.
  2. Protection - Purchase protection is a big plus as goods you purchase between £100 & £30,000 are guaranteed if they prove to be faulty or if you do not receive them as promised.
  3. World Wide Acceptance - Countries worldwide accept credit cards so ideal for travellers.
  4. Flexibility - Providers offer interest free credit if the card balance is paid by the due date making it a flexible way to pay.

Are there Any Disadvantages?

There are always pros and cons to anything. Disadvantages include:

  1. Paying Interest         Interest charges grow as your balance grows
  2. Debt - It is tempting not to pay off the balance meaning the amount you owe can turn into a huge debt if not managed sensibly.
  3. Cash Interest Rates  When you withdraw cash interest is charged immediately plus it is usually set higher than for purchases.   

What if I pay My Balance off Each Month?

If you pay off your account balance at the end of every period (usually 59 days) you will not be charged interest. This does not include cash withdrawals.  This will obviously influence your choice of credit card.

Are There any other Charges?

Certain fees will be charged by most providers in certain circumstances. For instance, if you fail to make a payment on time, go over your allowed credit limit, or if your bank refuses a direct debit when requested. You need to take care in these instances as none payment may affect your credit rating. 

How to Choose Which Card

There are so many different cards on offer that it is difficult to decide which the best is for you. It all depends on your individual circumstances plus what you require from a card. For instance you may have a card already that has a high interest rate. In this instance a 0% on balance transfers card would suit. On the other hand maybe you are sure that you will pay off your balance every month? In this case a card with reward points, charity offers or cash back would be acceptable. Customers need to tailor the card to their needs so ultimately the card works for you and your requirements.

What if I Can’t Pay?

Never miss a payment because you cannot pay without contacting your card provider who will advise you on what your course of action should be. One option is to take out another card that has lower interest charges or 0% interest offers to lower your monthly payments. Either way don’t bury your head in the sand as the problem will not go away but escalate. If you find yourself in difficulty when it comes to paying you can always contact the Consumer Credit Counselling Service who will be happy to help giving useful advice and support.

Summing Up

There are definitely pros and cons to having a credit card. The card is useful if you want to purchase goods on the spot and pay the balance off the statement when you are paid at the end of the month. The other side of the coin is that you may end up in debt if you do not manage the card efficiently.

It can be very tempting to spend when you are well aware that the card bill is escalating with interest piling on top. Having a credit card enables us to spend beyond our limits while it also detracts us from the notion of saving for goods we want to buy. Providers are there to make money from us and will do so easily as we spend way beyond our means.

Of course having a credit card isn’t all bad in fact they can be advantageous, while canny customers who use comparison sites to look for the best deal can switch and change from one card to another, interest free,  enabling them to avoid paying interest at all. Buying with a credit card also covers the goods you have bought in the event of fraud or loss. Using a credit card wisely is the key plus finding the one that most suits your needs means a happy association between customer and provider.

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