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Comparison Site Utilities Compared Companies Other Services Savings Claimed Offers
Uswitch.comuSwitch logo Gas, Electricity E.ON, British Gas, N Power, Scottish Power, EDF, SSE, Atlantic, Cooperative, EBICO, First Utility, M&S Energy plus many more

Broadband, TV, Phone, Mobiles, Insurance, Money

£1000 plus over a number of services None specific
Moneysupermarket.commoney supermarket Gas, Electricity British Gas, EDF Energy, N Power, Scottish Power, E.ON, SSE Insurance, Money, Travel, Mobiles, Shopping, Broadband 10% of customers save £300 on their energy bills None Specific
Moneysavingexpert.commoney saving expert logo Gas, Electricity All main suppliers Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Vouchers, Phones, Insurance, Banking

None Specific

Case of wine when click link to U switch, £30 cash back when you click link to Money Supermarket, £40 cash back when click link to Simply Switch.
Comparethemarket.comcompare the market Gas, Electricity British Gas, EDF, E.ON, N Power, Scottish Power, SSE Insurance, Money, Broadband, Phone, Travel, Business None Specific Free Meerkat Toy
Gocompare.comgo compare Gas Electricity/Business Gas & Electricity Energylinx supply comparisons on major companies

Insurance, Money, Motoring, Travel, Phone Business, Internet

Could save £350 plus per year by switching Enter competition to win free home insurance
Tescocompare.comTesco Compare logo Gas, Electricity First Utility, Scottish Power, N Power. OVO, EDF, E.ON, Insurance, Holidays, Mortgages, Savings, Mobiles, Broadband Up to £277 per year None Specific
Totallymoney.comtotally money Gas, Electricity EDF, Scottish Power, OVO, N Power, British Gas, E.ON Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Savings, Insurance, Current accounts Save on average £201.63 None Specific uk logo Gas, Electricity First Utility, British Gas, N Power, Scottish Power, EDF, E.ON, Cooperative Money, Insurance, Investments, Broadband, Deals Each supplier shows savings made on the grid individually Free money saving newsletter
Confused.comconfused Gas, Electricity E.ON, British Gas, EDF, First Utility, N Power, OVO, SSE, Scottish Power Insurance, Money, Travel, Business, Annuities Dual fuel switchers save over £320 Energy saving products available in their online shop


Gas and electricity prices have soared beyond all expectations in the last few years. The main six companies who seem to control the bulk of the industry battle it out with one another to win customers business. Money is tight for most of us so if we can save money by switching companies it would be folly not to do so. Deciding who to go with is difficult so using a comparison site to ease the stress is a great solution. We will take a look at the comparison sites that take a look for us.

If your not completely clued up on gas and electricity, the different types of tarriffs available etc then we recommend you read our easy to understand guide first before comparing electricity and gas comparison sites.

uswitch compare electricity and gas deal with all the leading gas and electricity suppliers when it comes to their comparisons, while customers who prefer to speak to a person can actually ring for advice from a trained advisor. The site has lots of useful information on how to switch supplier along with all the latest news, views and reviews regarding utilities.

Each individual company is given a customer rating so you can instantly see just what other customers think. Some are quite a bit higher than others so this gives an indication of how they perform which is useful. Uswitch.Com claim that they can save customers a whopping £1000 overall by switching a number of products and services which is a huge amount. They also cover other services and products such as Money, Insurance, Mobiles, Broadband and much more. The site is easy to find your way around, while by entering a few details you can begin comparing fuel within minutes.

Compare Electricity & Gas at U Switch

money super market compare electricity and gas

Using a comparison website to compare electricity and gas prices makes good sense and one of the best in this field is Money Suoermarket.Com. There is a wide choice of categories to look through such as dual fuel prices, single fuel prices, gas versus electricity plus pre-payment meters. The site also offers advice on how to switch supplier, tips to save energy plus has forums and news articles to keep customers up to date on the latest trends.

Money Supermarket claim that up to 10% of their customers saved £300 on their energy bills last year by switching, following comparing figures on their website. All the big names in the energy business are listed, while customers simply need to fill in a few simple details to compare prices.

Money Supermarket doesn’t stop there, they also have information regarding boiler cover contained in their directory of rates. The site also covers a range of other services and products including Money, Insurance, Travel, Mobiles and Broadband. With our energy bills soaring comparing prices regularly is a great financial move.

Compare Electricity & Gas Money Supermarket

money saving expert compare electricity and gas

This comparison site not only compares the latest deals but offers some great advice to ensure that customers will save money on a broad spectrum of products and services. The site is extremely eye catching being presented in bold colours with headlines that shout out at customers to save their money. When it comes to electricity and gas there is plenty to read while the best or cheapest tariffs are supplied too.

Some of the comparisons come with gifts such as cash back or cases of wine. These offers are an incentive to buy for the customer, but it is best to work out which tariff will suit you best. It may be great to get a free gift but if it doesn’t come along with great savings then it is a short term high. Money Saving expert also covers Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Phones, Banking plus many more useful topics making it a good site to browse through in order to make those all-important savings.

Compare Electricity & Gas at Money Saving Expert

confused compare electricity and gas

Customers who want to take the confusion out of comparing electricity and gas prices should take a look at the confused website. Saving over £320 per year is a great incentive and this is the claim made by the site if you switch when comparing through them. Confused.Com also compares green energy prices for those customers who take their carbon footprint total seriously.

Business prices are also looked at, something that new businesses will find especially useful. Starting up a new venture is expensive so if entrepreneurs can save on fuel costs it is a big help. Using the site to compare and go ahead with your switch will mean that you will pay the same price as you would if you dealt direct.

Other services covered by the site includes Insurance, Money, Travel and Business meaning that customers can save on a range of products that appear on the same site. Why pay more than is necessary for fuel? We all use it plus there is no way of avoiding it, so compare costs, switch and save money.

Compare Electricity & Gas Confused

compare the market compare electricity and gas

To compare gas, electricity plus business fuel prices why not take a look at ComparetheMarket.Com comparison site. Customers who have a fuel bill can search through one tab, while customers who do not search through another. Either way you will be supplied with a good range of comparisons to review, which hopefully will suit your requirements.

All the top suppliers of gas and electricity are compared such as British Gas, N Power and E.ON to name but a few. The site is easy to navigate as it is just a matter of typing in a few details, clicking through then comparing the tariffs. Prices change regularly but Compare the Market keep customers up to speed by updating their site on a daily basis.

This site also covers comparisons on Money, Insurance, Broadband, Travel and Business meaning there is something that will be of interest to most customers. There is no better way to take the strain out of switching supplier than to consult a comparison website and Compare the Market is one of the best.

Compare Electricity & Gas Compare The Market

go compare compare electricity and gas

Saving money is something we all like to do and there is no easier way to be thrifty than to switch energy supplier. There are so many great deals offered out there but deciding which one to go with is difficult. Go Compare aim to take the stress away by supplying customers with up to date comparisons of gas and electricity for home or business use.

Customers could save over £350 per year by using this site so it is hard to think why people don’t switch more often. All you need is a few basic details to click through to begin comparing. It really is that simple. The site offers comparisons on a range of products and services including Phone, Internet, Money, Insurance, Business and Travel meaning customers can save money on a whole assortment. Switching online could not be easier, while with no interruption in supply customers can rest assured of a smooth change over.

Compare Electricity & Gas Go Compare

tesco compare compare electricity and gas

Tesco comparison website is very comprehensive covering a whole range of products and services that customers can save money on by reviewing. Customers can compare Insurance, Money, Holidays and much more plus utility services such as electricity and gas. Paying for fuel is an expensive job just now and with prices changing regularly it is in customer’s interest to keep up to date with who is charging what. By using the Tesco service you can see within minutes which utility company will save you the most money.

Tesco state that customers can save up to £277 per year by switching their fuel provider. This is a lot of cash meaning customers should not be complacent staying with the same company rather than switching. With Tesco switching is easy as once you have looked at all the comparisons and decided which provider to go with all the work is done on your behalf taking away the stress. Comparison sites are a great way to look for savings, while Tesco is fast becoming one of the most popular.

Compare Electricity & Gas at Tesco Compare

totally money compare electricity and gas

Immediately you click through to the energy comparison section of this site you can read in big bold letters how much you can save if you switch your energy provider today. £201.63 to be precise, which is a lot of money! Customers cannot afford to miss out on such a saving so need to take the time to type in a few details so they can view what savings are on offer in their own particular region.

All the big names are looked at including British Gas, OVO and N Power to name but a few. You can get a quick free quote by typing in your postcode giving you some idea of how much you can save. Norton Security ensures that all your information is safe so no need to worry in that regard. Totally Money.Com also covers things like Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages and Insurance so that customers can have a look at a whole range of products and services that will enable them to save money.

The site also has plenty of energy information such as tips on how to save energy, the latest news in the industry plus a great jargon busting section to help you understand what all the abbreviations stand for. It is well worth a look on this site if you are a thrifty person who loves to bag a bargain.

Compare Electricity & Gas Totally Money

money uk compare electricity and gas

Customers who want to free up their money by switching utilities should take a look at Money.Co.UK as they are one of the best comparison sites around. The site is very comprehensive with applications to help you work out tariffs that will suit you best rather than plump for the company with the biggest savings claim or headline that catches the eye. The site also has a question and answer service that will reply to any questions or worries you may have quickly, to ensure you are not going forward blindly rather than understanding what is on offer. also covers a wide range of topics such as Investments, Insurance, Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages and Broadband while there are also plenty of interesting reviews plus discussion forums where you can either air your own views or read those of others. Money does not come easy these days so if we have the opportunity to save it we should grab it with both hands. Take a look at this informative website, you will not be disappointed.

Compare Electricity & Gas at Money UK

Gas & Electricity the Facts Explained

electricity and gas guide

Why Should I Switch Supplier?

Most customers have not switched supplier or even thought of switching as they get used to dealing with the same one and prefer to do so even if it means paying more. We as a nation are stick in the mud when it comes to switching about. Strange, when by switching we can save ourselves a bundle of cash. Energy prices are going up all the time so it is madness not to find the deal that is cheapest and best.

Many people have different companies supplying their gas and electricity, while those who do are most definitely paying more for their fuel than they need to. By switching to one company who will supply both, customers can opt for a dual fuel account that will save them money. They can also pay by direct debit, saving further money, while administering their account online will most probably mean they can save even more.

Browsing through one of the suggested comparison sites enables customers to search out the best tariff and terms for them in order to save money. It is a simple process while switching can be done online meaning customers do not even have to move from their chairs in order to do it. So, why should you switch? In order to save money is the answer!

How Do I Switch?

It is relatively easy to switch. Once you have compared prices and terms you can go ahead and apply. All you need are details such as

Address of property

Name of current supplier

Present method of payment

Details of the tariff you have now (details can be found on a bill)

Customers who have a pre-pay meter need to declare this fact as they can only apply for a pre-payment tariff. It is also handy to know your yearly kWh but if this is not known you can ask your current supplier. Customers who have not been with a supplier for a year will have their kWh estimated.

Companies can also base things on whether you are a low medium or high user. This is decided on by whether you are a single occupier or live in a one bedroomed apartment (this is low) a family living in a semi (medium) or a large family living in a large house (high). The tariff you select is important too. Those on a variable tariff will see that their charges can raise, especially those with the major companies. By the same token if prices fall their tariff will lower. Customers on a fixed rate pay the same amount for a specific period even if prices rise or fall.

Once you have decided which company and tariff to go with it is easy to fill in the online application on the comparison site of your choice. The company itself will then do all the leg work by contacting your present supplier to inform them that you are changing. The cross over period should not be long and there should be little fuss and no disruption to your energy supplies.

Will it Cost Me Anything?

Broadly speaking no, it should not cost anything to switch but read the detail in the fine print to make sure that this is the case with the provider you have chosen.

How Long Does it Take?

It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks in total from start to finish

My Provider Was on My Results List?

This can happen as you may not be on your current provider’s best tariff. Sometimes providers offer a better deal to customers who are switching rather than their current customers. Check you are using the most economical way of paying for your energy as this also affects costs

Can I Cancel if I have a Change of Mind?

Yes, you have up to 14 days to “cool off”

Is Dual Fuel Cheaper?

Dual fuel deals tend to be cheaper as most companies offer a discount for choosing them to supply both your electricity and gas

When Should I Cancel My Old Direct Debit

It is not advisable to cancel your old Direct Debit as soon as you switch over. You need to wait until you have received your final bill so that you know this will be the final payment and that everything is in order

Is There a Limit to How Many Times I can switch?

There is no limit to how many times you can switch your supplier, not even in one year. Customers who are on a fixed rate will probably have to wait until the set tariff time has run out

Can I have Economy Seven?

Switching to Economy Seven will probably involve changing your meter. You may be charged for this but if that is agreeable there is no reason why customers cannot switch

What is Consumer Focus?

Consumer Focus is an independent watchdog that deals specifically with the electricity and gas supply industry. If you have a complaint that cannot be resolved by your supplier you can contact Consumer Focus by telephoning 02077997900 or by logging on to their Consumer Focus website

How to Save Energy


People who wish to lower their carbon footprint may like to think about insulating their homes. Insulation not only helps “save” the planet but it also will save you money and that is always a good thing. So, what can we do to insulate our homes?

Loft insulation is the first step that comes to mind as most of the heat generated rises and escapes through the roof so costing us money in the process. Good loft insulation will help to keep the heat in so saving on fuel costs. Lining the loft may cost up to £400 but it is money well spent as it can save on average £175 per year so you will soon gain the money laid out back.

Walls are another area where the heat escapes. Cavity walls that are the norm for post 1920 built houses have a space between two walls that can be filled in so keeping the heat in. Some energy companies will offer cavity wall insulation at no or very little cost to the customer (the elderly should get it free of charge) so it is definitely worth investigating. It may cost now but will save money for years to come if installed.

Solid wall insulation on the other hand is very expensive to install meaning that customers would be out of pocket for up to 20 years or so when paying for it. Floors can also be insulated to help keep the heat in, while putting a jacket round the water tank is also to our advantage plus insulating pipes is another quick and easy process that will save on fuel costs.

Double Glazing

Double glazing salesmen have a terrible reputation when it comes to pressure sales but installing double glazing has great benefits with regard to keeping us warm, stopping the heat escaping and cutting down on noise. Customers are advised to seek out a reputable company or ask around friends and family in order to acquire the services of a good double glazing company.

Draught Exclusion

All of us at one time or another has sat in a draughty area that makes us feel uncomfortable and cold. Draughts also cost us money as we turn up the heating to compensate for the cold. Draught exclusion is a cheap way to bring down your fuel costs plus is simple to install and is relatively cheap. You can buy most of the following at DIY stores or online.

Letter box brush

Draught excluder for the bottom of the door

Strips for round window frames

Keyhole covers

Chimney stack cap

Sealant to fill in gaps

Other Energy Savers

Take a quick shower instead of filling the bath

Wait until you have a full load for your washing machine and dishwasher

Only boil what you need in the kettle

Switch lights off when not in use

Use lower energy saver light bulbs

Turn thermostats down on boilers and heaters. Just 1degree makes a huge saving

Never leave Televisions, DVD players, Computers, Laptops, on standby

All these simple things can help to save on energy so save you money. It is just a matter of getting into the habit of following procedures such as switching off standby. Once you have done it a few times it will come naturally.

Is it Thrifty to fit Solar Panels?

You may have noticed a row of dark windows on the rooftop of a neighbouring home and wondered what they are? Solar panels convert sunlight into energy or electricity that can then be utilised to heat and light your own home. Even on dull days electricity is produced. It isn’t cheap to install solar panels in fact it costs between £7,500 and £10,000 minimum although once installed electricity you don’t use can be sold back to the grid.

There are different types of panel that cost different prices. Some are built into the roof some lay on top, while solar tiles are the most expensive. Solar water heating cylinders are another tool. They typically cost £5,000, will save money but not as much as liked. It is likely that it will take some time to recoup money spent on installation of a cylinder. Maintenance of solar panels is relatively simple as owners just need to keep them clean and free from overhanging trees and shrubs that may affect the sunlight getting through.

Solar panels will last as long as 25 years. If you are in it for the long haul and do not intend to move house you will eventually reap the financial benefits. To read more about solar panels visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

Sort the Gobbledygook

MPAN - Meter Point Administration Number

MPRN - Meter Point Reference Number

kWh - Kilowatt Hour meaning unit of electricity used

CET - Capped Energy Tariff

DFT - Dual Fuel Tariff

Economy Seven Tariff - Charges for night time energy

FET - Fixed Energy tariff

GET - Green Energy Tariff

OET - Online Energy Tariff

Social Energy Tariff - Groups such as elderly or vulnerable offered cheaper tariffs

What is the Warm Home Discount?

This discount is offered by gas and electricity suppliers in the form of a rebate to customers who qualify. Only the main six companies are obliged to pay this rebate although some other companies also do.

Customers who receive the guarantee element of income credit are eligible and will be informed by post automatically in the following 2013 year. Other customers may be eligible if they are receiving Income Support Income based Job Seekers Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance that is income related.

Customers in receipt of Disability Living allowance or Long Term Incapacity benefit may also qualify. Some suppliers even give the rebate to households with children under five or have a low income so it is advisable for customers to ask their supplier. The rebate amount is £130 in the year 2013. 

Compare Gas & Electricty Deals Now