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compare home insurance

Insuring your home and its contents is every bit as important as insuring your car or any other items that you value. Home owners are advised to take out adequate cover for both the building and its contents to bring peace of mind should the worst happen. You only have to think about what you would do if your house burned down, if you were flooded or if the roof blew off due to stormy weather. Where would you find the money to put things right if you did not have Buildings Insurance? Continue Reading...

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^The amount of vouchers you will receive up to the value of 30 will depend on the level of cover selected. For full details of the M&S voucher offer and to get a home insurance quote, use the 'Register for this offer and get a quote' button.
^^Smaller discounts apply if you have been claim free for between one and four years. Applies to customers buying combined buildings and contents, or single buildings or contents cover. Minimum premium applies.
*Excludes home emergency and legal cover. Minimum premium applies. 20% loyalty discount not available to existing Aviva Travel or Breakdown customers. Where you are eligible for more than one level of discount, these will be applied one after the other.

What would you do if your house was burgled and all your possessions stolen or if there was a fire and all your goods were destroyed? Without adequate Contents Insurance you would find it very difficult to replace everything as the bill could run into thousands of pounds. Using comparison sites to look at Home Insurance is a great way to save both time and money.

A Guide to Home Insurance

What is Home Insurance?

There are two different types of home insurance cover. One is for buildings and the other is for contents. Buildings cover protects the physical structure of your home including the roof, the walls, floors, fitted areas within the building such as bathroom suites and fitted kitchen units. The Contents Insurance covers all your personal possessions such as furniture, clothing, and jewellery against any loss or damage from fire, flood or theft.

Do I have to take out Buildings Insurance?

This depends on your circumstances really. For instance if you have a mortgage on your house the bank or building society will stipulate that you have to insure the building as they have a vested interest in it. They have loaned you the money to buy your home so expect you to insure the building against the worst happening. If you own the building of course you are not obliged to take out buildings insurance but few of us would have the where with all to pay for our home to be rebuilt following a disaster so it is still very much advisable to do so. 

One point to consider when taking out Buildings Insurance is not to over- cover the building. It is a common error for owners to base their Buildings Insurance on the market value of the property rather than the rebuild cost. If you do this you will be paying too much for your Buildings Insurance as it is cheaper to rebuild the property than what the market value would be if you sold it.

Does my Buildings Insurance Policy have to be taken out through My Mortgage Provider?

Some mortgage providers insist that you take out Buildings Insurance through them as part of your mortgage deal but if this is not the case then it is almost always cheaper to look elsewhere. 

Do I have to take out Contents Insurance?

Of course no one can insist you buy Contents Insurance but it is a wise person that does so. It is surprising when you add up what your possessions are worth just what the total is! Make a list of your clothing and what it would cost to replace it. Look at what is in your home in terms of furnishings, jewellery, white goods, electrical appliances such as TV's and laptops, carpets curtains and blinds. You would be lucky to get change from £50,000 when replacing these items making Contents Insurance cover a must buy.

Can I Combine Both Policies?

Yes you can combine Buildings and Contents Insurance, while this is usually a thrifty move as the combined cost generally will come with a discount so save you money.

What if I am Renting?

If you rent your property the owner or landlord is responsible for Buildings Insurance cover. You do however need to insure your own contents against damage or theft, while it is also advisable to cover carpets against accidental damage even if they were provided by the landlord. Most insurers offer specific policies for tenants therefore this is worth investigating.

Can I Pay for Home Insurance in Instalments?

You can usually pay for any type of Insurance including Home Insurance in instalments but it is not advisable. You most certainly will pay interest if you select this method of payment. Look out for offers of interest free payments by some insurers or alternatively if you can't afford to pay outright a 0% interest credit card is a further option to consider.

Do I Really Need Accidental Damage Cover?

This decision once again is up to you. Insurers do not always cover possessions for accidental damage which is classed as a one off incident that causes damage to the property or goods within. Some policies cover TV's and such as standard but it is advisable to maintain what is plus what is not covered. If you think you are likely to suffer accidental damage due to visiting parties or children then it is worth adding to your policy. Pets generally are not included for accidental damage so require separate cover.

How do I Work out Which Items to Insure under My Contents Insurance?

It is advisable to make a comprehensive list so that you do not under insure your goods. Start by going from room to room listing the contents in each space. Don't forget things like jewellery, clothing, suitcases, bedding and furniture plus soft furnishings. When you have done this you need to look at items that have a high value individually. You may have a camera that cost you hundreds of pounds or an item of jewellery that is worth thousands. You will need to make sure that you inform your provider of any valuable item as these may require listing separately.

Does Contents Insurance Cover Items in My Garden?

It depends on the policy so always check that garden furniture, swings, slides, barbecues, bikes and lawnmowers are covered. If they are not then you will need to pay for added cover. Once again shopping around and comparing insurance prices via a comparison site is advised.

Do Home Insurance Policies Carry an Excess Clause?

Some policies may stipulate an excess amount. This is a sum you will have to pay towards a claim at the offset before the insurer pays the rest. You can opt also for a voluntary excess amount. You can set this amount at a figure you are willing to pay should you make a claim. The higher you set the figure the lower your premium will be as the insurer will have less to pay out when you make a claim.

What about my Garage or Shed?

Although your garage may be attached to your house it is not considered a room plus neither is your shed. On the other hand a conservatory is considered a room therefore items in the conservatory should be covered.

Am I Covered for Flooding?

Most policies do have some cover for flooding but it is wise to check out the detail before you buy. People who live in areas at greater risk of flooding may have to pay more for their insurance. To find out if you live in a high risk area visit the Environment Agencies Flood Information Service where all the information you need to assess if you have a higher risk of flooding is located. 

What Happens if I Live in an At Risk Area?

There are three categories that are determined by flood risk. They are Low, Moderate and Significant. 

Low includes any area that has a chance of flooding in any year of 0.5%

Moderate includes any area that has a chance of flooding in any year of 1.3% or less

Significant includes any area that has a chance of flooding in any year greater than 1.3%

Insurers at the moment have a deal with the government that they will provide insurance cover for flood risk areas but this deal runs out in June 2013. Both sides are trying to reach agreement as to what is the best way forward now, especially as we had the worst floods in one hundred years in many areas in 2012.

Will I be able to find a Deal if I Live in a Flood Risk Area?

Yes you should be able to find a deal. Looking on Insurance comparison websites is a great place to start as they have all the information on the latest offers saving you both time and money. 

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