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Our homes are full of gadgets these days that we all rely on for all kinds of things from a type of service to entertainment, such as games consoles or iPads. Insurance cover for such gadgets including mobile phones is a great idea as unexpected accidents can happen or we may have our phone stolen. There are a whole range of features that can be covered from screen breakage to water damage or loss giving owners peace of mind should the unexpected happen. Browsing a good comparison site or a site that deals specifically with mobile phone insurance is a sure way to find a great deal.

  • Protect Your Bubble
  • Protect Your Bubble
  • Deals:
    1 Deal lots of Optional Extras
  • Types:
    Accidental Damage, Water Damage, Cracked Screen, Theft, Breakdown
  • Savings:
    Save 10% when insuring 2 Gadgets, 15% when insuring 3 Gadgets
  • My Gadget Buddy
  • My Gadget Buddy
  • Deals:
    6 plus
  • Types:
    Accidental Damage, Breakdown, Loss, Worldwide Cover.
  • Savings:
    Save 15% with multi Gadget Insurance
  • Gadget Cover
  • Gadget Cover
  • Deals:
    1 Deal with Various Options
  • Types:
    Theft, Loss, Damage, Liquid Damage, Breakdown, Worldwide Cover, Family Cover
  • Savings:
    One Month Free for New Policies
Mobile Insurance guide

Insurance for Mobile Phones Explained

What is covered with Mobile Phone Insurance?

There are a number of things covered when you take out Mobile Phone Insurance, some features are standard, some additional. These include

  1. Accidental Damage Cover This cover ensures you will not be stressed should you accidentally damage your mobile phone as if it cannot be repaired the policy will cover replacement costs
  2. Water Damage How many times have you heard people say that they dropped their mobile phone down the toilet? Many times is our guess. This type of cover will protect your mobile phone from spillages such as tea or coffee or dropping it in water of any kind
  3. Theft if you have your mobile phone stolen it will be replaced ASAP
  4. Cracked Screen This covers screen replacement if it shatters or is cracked
  5. Breakdown Cover This covers repair costs that occur outside of the warranty period
  6. Loss Cover This covers the loss of your mobile by replacing it
  7. Unauthorised Calls This covers call made on your phone after it has been stolen. Different policies cover differing call value amounts
  8. Worldwide Cover This means that if you take your mobile phone abroad and lose it or have it stolen you are covered by your policy
  9. Family Cover Covers all family members mobile phones

My Handset is Second Hand Can I get Cover?

In order to get insurance cover for a mobile phone you bought second hand you will need a receipt as proof of purchase. Most insurers insist the phone is less than three years old plus you need to have the IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identification number. This can be found under the battery space of your mobile phone.

Is Worldwide Cover Infinite?

Now most companies will have a set time limit that is anything form 30 days to 60 days cover.

I Lost My Mobile Will I get the Same Model when I get a Replacement?

Most insurers will try to replace your handset with an identical model. If however this is not possible they will endeavour to find a mobile phone of equal quality and specifications.

Is there any Exclusion to Making a Claim?

Yes there are some exclusion’s that will be listed in your policy document. These generally include

  1. Your mobile must not be over three years old when you take out the insurance
  2. Loss such as leaving your mobile in a taxi or bus
  3. Theft due to you leaving your mobile on the bus or in a taxi
  4. Damage due to neglect or misuse
  5. Software virus infection

Does Mobile Insurance Carry an Excess?

It is up to each individual insurer but generally there will be an excess on your policy.

How Can I Help Limit the Risk of Theft, Loss or Damage if I Don't Want Insurance?

There are some simple ways to help avoid having your phone stolen, lost or damaged which mean if you don't want to take out insurance you can still be safe. Here are some tips:

  • Never take your phone out on a night out - This is the most common scenario where your phone will get lost or damaged. Also a lot of thefts happen when people are either drunk or in crowded bars and nightclubs where people easily have an excuse to get their hands near your pocket. If you absolutely need your phone on a night out take a much cheaper one so if you loose it, it's like loosing 10's rather than 100's.
  • Don't carry any secure information on your phone and then if it is stolen no one can use any of that information against you. Typically adding a security pin to your phone which triggers through inactivity and then installing apps such as App Lock from Do Mobile can also add an extra level of security. This app for both Android and iOS can help prevent thieves being able to access an email client or a social chat app you have running which could contain sensitive information about you, your friends and family. App Lock allows you to lock all the sensitive apps on your phone using a PIN Code.
  • Invest in a quality protective cover for your phone so if you drop it, it is protected from being damaged or in the worse case completely broken. There are plenty of high quality phone covers you can purchase which are custom made for different phone handsets. These can really make that cushioning difference between your screen being smashed or circuitry being damaged or your phone remaining well intact, scratch free and fully functional. Sites such as Mobile Fun offer suitable phone cases for all popular handsets and tablets.

Can I Cover My Mobile on My Contents Insurance?

In general owners are better office with a specific insurance policy that is dedicated to their mobile phone. You may find it a little cheaper to include your phone along with your contents insurance but claiming on contents insurance if you lose or have your mobile stolen will put your premiums up plus the excess will most likely be higher.

Can I Insure More than One Mobile per Policy?

Most insurers will offer multi-gadget policies that are cheaper plus cover up to five handsets

Do I Need to Let My Mobile Company Know about any claim I am making?

Yes you certainly do need to let your network provider know you have lost or had your mobile stolen so will be making a claim. This enables the mobile operator to block the phone or disable it straight away. Claims cannot move forward unless this is done plus you must also inform the police.

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