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Mobile phones & deals explained

If your not completely clued up on Mobile Phones, Deals available, Mobile Phone Contracts and how they all work, then we recommend you read our this easy to understand guide first before comparing Mobiles & Deals on our comparison site.

Types of Phone

There are three main types of mobile phone which are entry level phones, feature phones and smart phones. Entry level phones are very basic, usually cheap and their batteries last much longer than other types of phone battery. Users who only want to talk and text will find an entry phone sufficient for their needs, while a few of these types of phone do have a basic camera facility.

Feature phones which are the next step up from an entry phone offer more features such as limited internet browsing, better cameras, a touchscreen and access to social network sites. Some feature phones have a music facility meaning the user can listen to their favourite tunes as they go plus email is enabled on some too. Feature phones are more cumbersome than smartphones but are a great choice for users who want all the added facilities without having to pay for a smart phone.

Already mentioned above Smart phones are slimmer and smaller in size looking very state of the art with popular makes including Apple's iPhone series and Samsung's Galaxy series. They can perform many functions that a computer can such as browsing the web and giving you the ability to install thousands of very useful apps. Their cameras are usually really hi spec taking great photographs that can be transferred onto your laptop or uploaded directly to professional printing sites. The only downside is that the battery on these types of phone can run down very quickly due to the many features at work. Some users get round this by having a spare battery that can be charged up while the other is in use.

Do I have a choice of deal?

Yes there are three main deals to choose from:

Contract with New Phone

Contract phones are by far the most popular as once you have negotiated a contract with all the facilities you need you will receive the handset free (or for a substantially cheaper price - saving 100's) in with the deal and pay a fixed monthly fee for a large amount of minutes and internet data. Usually if you sign up to a phone contract it will tie you in for 18 or 24 months. Customers can negotiate to get a better deal and in some cases informing one network provider that another has offered you a slightly better deal will mean they will try to undercut them to acquire your business (not always though!).

A good example of how much you can actually save on a handset with a phone contract is the iPhone 5S (16 GB) which currently is on sale with no contract at a hefty price of 599.00 at Amazon and that's the cheapest you will find it at anywhere in the UK right now. The same phone on a contract will cost you nothing with O2. That is a substantial saving considering the sort of bundle you get with the contract (unlimited calls and texts plus internet access).

Sim Only

SIM only contracts are ideal if you already own a perfectly good smartphone as you get a far cheaper or better plan for your phone. You get very generous minutes and internet data within the contract for a lower price. Some people find this deal good when they want to have more than one phone or want to have a second phone as a backup.

Pay As You Go

Pay as you go is the deal that many users were introduced to when mobile phones first came onto the market. With this deal customers buy the phone or handset, buy the SIM card and pay for calls by topping up when they run out of credit as and when necessary - obviously over time Pay As You Go bundles have become more generous - 02 offer a great Pay As You Go Bundle deal where you receive new bonuses the longer you stay with them. This option is not as popular these days as texts and calls tend to be more expensive compared to SIM only and Contracts, you have to pay for the handset in advance plus if you run out of credit you can’t make calls or send texts without topping up again.

Can I keep my number if I change provider?

Yes you can always keep your number even if you choose to go with another network such as moving from T-Mobile to Virgin or vice versa. You will need your Port Authorisation Code (PAC) from your old network to give to your new one. It should only take 24 hours to port your old number over as it isn’t a difficult process

Get a better deal: I don’t know how to haggle!

We all want to get the best possible internet data and call minutes bundle for the lowest price when we are looking for a new phone. So, why not haggle? You have the means to get yourself a great deal by haggling with companies especially if you have been a loyal customer for some time. So, how to do it!

Wait until a week or two before your contract comes up for renewal and then give your provider a call.

Tell them you want a better deal this time around

Provide them with figures you have researched on comparison websites to support your request

Don’t be put off, tell them you think you are paying too much and will take your business elsewhere if they do not come up with a competitive package.

Most companies have a retentions department that specialise in keeping customers from changing networks so ask to be put through.

Try to only sign up for a maximum of eighteen months if you can as better deals will surely come along in this ever changing market

If your company cannot offer you a better deal or they seem unwilling to help then you are entitled to cancel if your contract is coming to an end. It would be unlikely that they would let it come to this as the competition is fierce in this field.

Recycle or sell which should I do?

When we sign a new contract we receive a new phone so usually end up putting the old mobile in the drawer and forget about it. Why not put it to use by either selling it on or recycle it or do a combination of the two. You can even donate your old phone to a charity who will either fix it up for someone else to use or they will recycle it if it isn’t in good repair to make money for their charity. All the main charities do this so it is a matter of your preference when it comes to donating. If on the other hand you want to sell your old phone just log onto one of the many recycling websites who will give you an idea of how much you can get for your old phone - Tesco and 02 are some of the leading websites to offer this service. Either way you are not leaving the phone lying around when someone else can make good use of it.

There are over twenty million phone upgrades processed per year meaning there are twenty million old phones just waiting to be made use of. Throwing your old phone away is not a good idea as they are not bio degradable so sit in land fill sites for years harming the environment. So get recycling!

How Can I Make My Battery Last Longer?

Switch off Bluetooth when not in use

Look at screen brightness, turn it down, and check the second count on the back light too

Switch off Wi-Fi, GPRS, when not in use and switch from 3G to 2G where possible

Spectacular screen savers, loud music, all use battery so turn down if possible

Lithium batteries need recharging before they run out completely. Overheating lithium batteries by overcharging will lessen its life as will leaving a mobile with a lithium battery in the full glare of the sun.

Reception strength also affects batteries. A weak signal takes more out of the battery

Batteries need replacing every two years on average 

Mobile Phone Gobbledygook Explained

  • APP - Application Software
  • Bluetooth - Enables users to transfer information wirelessly within certain distance
  • Browser - Application to access internet such as Google
  • Band - The more bands the more international regions are supported
  • FPS - Frames per Second
  • GPS - Global Positioning System
  • GPRS - General Packet Radio Service
  • Infrared - Enables signals over short areas to be sent or received
  • Polyphonic - A ringtone that is polyphonic has a host of sounds rather than the single
  • Monotone - Sound of old ringtones
  • Micro SD - Removable Memory Card
  • MMS - Multimedia Messaging Service
  • SMS - Short Messaging Service
  • T9 - Predictive Text
  • USB - Universal Serial Bus
  • LTE - In a nutshell this stands for 'Long Term Evolution' which is the marketing term for the new 4G network which is being rolled out in the UK. Phones with this abbreviation, or '4G' or as Three put it 'Ultrafast' are capable of running on this network.

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