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Saving money is very difficult just now as everything is so expensive, in terms of overheads for living expenses along with trying to spin out our earnings. When we do find a little spare cash that we would like to save we want to get the best interest rates possible to make our savings grow. Whether it is saving for a specific purpose such as a deposit for a home or maybe a holiday we like to think that we have chosen the best account out there. Using a comparison site to look at the most up to date accounts is a great way to decide which savings account to go with.

If your not completely clued up on Savings Accounts & ISA's, how they work, how to switch and specific terms commonly used then we recommend you read our easy to understand guide first before comparing Savings Accounts & ISA's and comparison sites.

Comparison Site Savings Accounts Available Types of Savings Accounts Other Services Savings Claimed Offers
Moneysupermarket.commoney supermarket 100 plus Fixed Rate Bonds, Cash ISA, Peer to Peer, Easy Access, Business Savings, Notice, Offshore, Children Money, Insurance, Travel, Energy, Mobiles, Broadband, Deals None Specific Earn an extra fifty pounds
Confused.comconfused 30 plus Easy Access, ISA, Bonds, Instant Access Insurance, Money, Utilities, Travel, Business, News None Specific Handy Guides and Tips
Comparethemarket.comcompare the market 100 plus Instant Access, Cash ISA's, One, Three and Five year Bonds Insurance, Money, Utilities, Business None Specific Free Meerkat Toy
Totallymoney.comtotally money 60 plus Easy Access, Regular Saver, Fixed Term, Peer to Peer, ISA Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Insurance, Energy, Current Account None Specific Money Saving Updates and Savings Tips
Gocompare.comgo compare 20 plus Easy Access, Bonds, ISA, Social Savings

Insurance, Money, Motoring, Travel, Energy, Phone, Internet

None Specific Free Savings Advice uk logo 1949 plus Instant Access, Fixed Rate Bonds, Internet, Cash ISA, Investment ISA, Off Shore Savings Credit Cards, Mortgages, Insurance, Travel, Loans None Specific Money Saving Deals
Tescocompare.comTesco Compare logo 40 plus Instant Access, Bonds, Peer to Peer, ISA, Online Insurance, Money, Utilities, Mortgages, Credit Cards None Specific Club Card Points
Moneysavingexpert.commoney saving expert logo 50 plus Fixed Rate, Easy Access, Ethical Savings, Guaranteed Rates, Business

Cards, Loans, Current Accounts, Insurance, Utilities, Travel, Mortgages

Top savings on a range of products Vouchers, Deals

money super market Savings Accounts & ISA's is one of the better known comparison sites when it comes to checking out the latest product deals online. The site covers a broad range of services meaning that customers can save money when switching a number of services. The products and services they cover include money matters, insurance and travel through to energy, phone deals and vouchers.

The grids are set out clearly making them easy to browse when making your selection, while the choice when it comes to comparing savings accounts is pretty comprehensive. There is the chance to earn yourself £50 extra if you are able to tie your savings up for a fixed term. Customers must read all the terms and conditions carefully before committing to anything but on Money Supermarket  all the facts and information you need are readily available.

The news and community section is particularly helpful and informative having a selection of forums on different topics, to read or sign up to, so that you can join in the conversation on what is current. 

Compare Savings Accounts & ISA's at Money Supermarket

confused Savings Accounts & ISA's is pretty much in the news every day as it has a very high profile advertising campaign on TV that immediately brings this site to mind when you think of comparing products and services. Comparing what’s on offer when it comes to savings is really easy as this site is simple to navigate.

This comparison service is free and independent meaning that customers are furnished with up to the minute details regarding savings, which account will work best for you and added detail regarding how accounts work. The site is easy to navigate with clear and concise grids that are simple to understand, taking the worry and stress out of making this all important decision. Confused.Com also compares a range of services and products that customers wish to look at to save themselves money. These include Insurance, Utilities, Travel and Business plus all the money comparisons you could wish for enabling customers to make choices that will in the long run save them money.

Compare Savings Accounts & ISA's at Confused

compare the market Savings Accounts & ISA's

Compare the Market.Com is another popular site that has a comprehensive on going advertising campaign that has raised its popularity to dizzy heights. Using the meerkats as their “slogan” their brand is instantly recognisable to customers who are looking for a good comparison site. The site covers Insurance, Utilities and Business through to all things financial such as Current accounts.

The site not only lists different types of savings accounts but also gives some very useful detail on how to compare them. With Compare the Market’s unique savings wizard customers can soon determine which the best savings account is for them. With the added incentive of obtaining one of the much sought after meerkat toys when customers’ sign up to products through Compare the Market many choose to use their comprehensive service.

Navigating round the site is simple, with well laid out grids and instructions that even the most techno-phobic of users can follow, great savings accounts are at their fingertips by just clicking the mouse. Putting customers first is their statement so why not take them at their word and start comparing!

Compare Savings Accounts & ISA's at Compare The Market

totally money Savings Accounts & ISA's

Totally Money.Com put all the facts regarding your savings or which account to put your money in, into one useful grid layout that is easy to follow and understand. All the information plus comparisons you require are listed so that an informed decision can be made. When saving our hard earned cash we want to be sure that it will grow by choosing the correct account for us. Totally Money will surely help you make that all important decision by taking away the stress and worry that we all feel when making important choices.

There are plenty of useful tips and good financial information at hand on this site, while customers can be assured of security as Totally Money uses Norton Security to verify financial dealings on the site. Totally Money offer comparisons on a whole range of products and services from credit cards, loans and mortgages to insurance and energy making them one of the most comprehensive when it comes to comparison sites available.

Compare Savings Accounts & ISA's at Totally Money

go compare Savings Accounts & ISA's

There can’t be many people who have not seen the Go Compare advertisement on TV. Our opera singing informer may be irritating as the advert shows but it is certainly effective as the tune rattles around in your head. All this aside customers did not make this comparison site so popular just because of the ad campaign. In fact Go Compare offer a great comparison service that covers products such as money, motoring, travel and energy through to insurance and business, so saving its customers a whole bunch of cash.

Comparing savings is easy, just click on the money tab, then down to click savings. Customers are then given the option to check out comparisons on savings accounts or ISA’s. There are numerous accounts to choose from with each one showing full details of what is on offer. This makes deciding which account best suits your needs relatively easy.

Go Compare choose Love Money as their preferred provider who will direct you to a well laid out plus very detailed page showing all the attributes that are credited to your selection. If you decide this is not the account for you just click back and begin again. It really is that easy!

Compare Savings Accounts & ISA's at Go Compare

money uk Savings Accounts & ISA's

The total number of savings accounts that this site compares is staggering! Some 1949 are looked at with the top accounts being listed for customers to look at. With Money.Co.UK customers can be sure that they have really trawled what is on offer so saving them time and effort in doing so. Even comparisons on off shore savings accounts have been covered making it one of the foremost comparison sites when it comes to looking for an account to best save your money in.

The site is very easy to navigate as with just a few clicks of the mouse you have all the facts and figures that you need at your disposal within seconds. The site also has plenty of useful information and tips that enable the customer to ease their minds when making this all important decision. Covering a whole range of products Money.Co.Uk compares Insurance and Utilities right through to investments and deals.

The site has a great discussion section with forums to air your views on products or read the views of others, while the questions and answers section will answer just about anything a customer wants to know about the given product. Well designed and laid out is a really good comparison site.

Compare Savings Accounts & ISA's at Money UK

tesco compare Savings Accounts & ISA's

When anyone mentions Tesco we tend to think of grocery shopping or queuing with a trolley full of goods waiting to pay. Tesco does however have other strings to its bow such as its great comparison website that covers a whole range of products from Insurance to holidays and travel. Well designed and easy to navigate customers will find all the information they need to make that all important choice when it comes to their savings.

Comparisons are provided through their chosen company Love Money who give a comprehensive list of accounts with varying attributes for customers to consider. It is simple to navigate just click on the chosen account tab, then click on the account you are interested in to apply. It really is that easy, while all the effort is put in by the comparison site saving you time and hopefully money.

Accounts can be applied for and opened online making it an armchair task as opposed to a trek around different banks and financial institutions on foot. Tesco Compare is a comprehensive site that offers a great service all at the click of a button.

Compare Savings Accounts & ISA's at Tesco Compare

money saving expert Savings Accounts & ISA's

Martyn Lewis who is the money saving expert, offers a great service when it comes to finding the best deals that are on the current market. His website deals not only with comparisons but is also packed with advice regarding a whole host of subjects. Cards and loans, banking and savings, travel and insurance are just a small example of what customers can expect to compare on this site. 

Compare Savings Accounts & ISA's at Money Saving Expert

Savings Accounts & ISA's Explained

Savings Accounts & ISA's guide

What is a Savings Account?

A Savings account enables customers to deposit sums of money with a view to amassing more by gaining added interest. It is the bank or building society who will pay interest into your account on a regular basis as long as the funds remain in there. Customers can open savings accounts either as a single person or a couple (joint account).

What is a Regular Savings account?

If you are able to deposit regular sums of money to save then a regular savings account may be the one for you. These accounts generally have a minimum and maximum deposit limit required on opening.

What is an Instant Access Savings Account?

When you open up an instant access account this enables you to withdraw money without giving prior notice. Your savings are available usually 24 hours a day as a cash card is generally issued when opening this type of account. There may however be a limit set as to how much you can withdraw with the card. Whether it is online or through the branch customers can withdraw funds or transfer them as required.

What is an Off Shore Savings Account?

An Off Shore savings account is not held in this country but off shore in places like The Isle of Man or Jersey or Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Off Shore savings accounts make it possible to save money without having to pay any tax on the interest earned. This means that interest is paid gross with no tax deducted into the account. Customers would have to declare their interest paid on their tax return.

What is a Notice Account?

A notice account is where you must notify the bank or building society that you wish to withdraw funds. Notice periods vary according to the various accounts.

What is a Fixed Rate Bond?

When you open a fixed rate bond you agree in advance not to make any withdrawals for a specified time. So, if you open a one year fixed rate bond you cannot access your funds for one year. A two year bond is no access for two years and so on. In return for your commitment you will receive interest at an agreed fixed rate. Even if interest rates changed falling drastically you would still receive your fixed rate of interest.

Unless you are certain that you will not need to access your money it is not advisable to go for a fixed rate bond. Banks usually charge a penalty fee, if you have to withdraw money within the specified time. You will also lose interest so consider before you tie up your money in this way.

Generally customers will need around £1,000 as a minimum deposit to put into a fixed rate bond. Rates vary so much. Some are on a rising scale while others stay the same throughout. Also customers need to remember that if rates go up a fixed rate is just that so will remain the same for the term of the agreement. Comparing by using comparison sites is a good idea before committing to anything.

What is a Dormant Account?

A Dormant account is where there has been no activity on an account for a long period of time. The bank has not been able to get in touch with the holder so the account may be closed. Savers can have the dormant account reactivated by contacting the bank.

What is the Difference Between Gross and Net Interest?

Gross interest is the rate before any tax is deducted. Net interest is the money you are paid after tax is deducted.

What Does AER Mean?

Annual Equivalent Rate or AER shows the gross rate after interest has been added on interest (compound interest) these rates apply to savings only.

What Does APR Mean?

Annual Percentage Rate or APR is the interest rate used to compare rates for credit cards and loans.

How Do I know that my Savings are Safe?

The FSA or Financial Services Authority is responsible for regulating banks and financial institutions, while as long as your bank is regulated by the FSA your money is safe even if they go bust. The first £85,000 is protected so if you want to protect more than the limit it is better to spread your savings around.

When choosing a couple of banks ensure that they don’t actually belong under the same organisation umbrella as you will only be covered for £85,000, while a joint account is covered up to £170,000, double the amount for a single account holder. Customers who want to be sure if their banks come under the same umbrella can check by logging onto the FSA website to check the register.

What is an ISA?

Saving money in cash ISA’s (Individual Savings Account) means that your savings are tax free so that any interest paid is gross without tax deducted. You cannot have a joint ISA as they are strictly for individuals.  Customers are required to be age sixteen to open an ISA or eighteen to open a Stocks and Shares ISA. Every year a certain amount of money is allowed to be deposited up to a limit. Once the limit is reached you cannot pay in any more funds until the next financial year. Presently you can save up to £5,640 per year in a Cash ISA.  

Customers who use the stocks and shares facility of an ISA can save up to £11,280 per year.  There are different types of ISA including Cash ISA’s, Easy Access and Fixed Rate. Online ISA’s are also available. As regular savings are taxed at 20% opening an ISA can save customers money in the long run by accruing more interest.

Can I move my ISA from Bank to Bank?

Yes you certainly can move your ISA if you see that you can get a better rate of interest with another bank or building society. Savers sometimes open an ISA assuming that the interest rate will remain at the same level as when the account was opened. This is not always the case as at the end of a financial year and the start of a new one rates can change. This means customers can find themselves on a very low interest rate if they fail to change their ISA over. It is best to shop around by using a comparison site to check out the best rates.

When you decide to move an ISA from one bank to another the banks should look after the process for you. Customers must not remove funds from one ISA to open another ISA. Fortunately the process has been quickened up by the banks so that customers do not lose interest while waiting for the funds to be moved. In fact it is stipulated that it should not take longer than fifteen working days to move an ISA and that savers should lose no interest.

How Do I Move My ISA?

The first action to take is to compare interest rates by using one of the good comparison sites on the internet.

Check that the bank of your choice accepts transfers. Most do so.

Contact the Bank or Building Society of your choice so you can fill in a transfer form.

The new provider will contact your old provider to set the wheels in motion.

Be ready to provide either of the banks with necessary information so that you don’t hold things up.

Your ISA transfer should be completed within fifteen days. If your new bank has not heard from your old bank within eleven days it is their responsibility to pursue them, not yours.

Complaints should be made to both banks if you are not happy with the process in any way. If however you are still not satisfied then you can contact the Financial Ombudsman who will look into your complaint further. 

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