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Regular travellers know that holidaying abroad can be a costly business. The cost of the accommodation, airfare, spending money plus all the items you need to pack for your trip away certainly adds up to a tidy sum. Some travellers cut their costs by deciding not to take out Travel Insurance Cover. This can prove disastrous should you fall ill or have an accident while you are away. Medical costs can run up a bill for thousands of pounds, while repatriating patients who are more seriously ill or injured can topple a million pounds. Travel Insurance doesn’t have to break the bank, while browsing the numerous comparison sites and some direct insurers will find you a good deal to suit your needs.

  • Aviva
  • aviva
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  • Money Supermarket
  • money supermarket
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  • Confused
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  • Compare The Market
  • Compare The Market
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  • Go Compare
  • Go Compare
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  • Tesco Compare
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aviva Travel Insurance

With Aviva you can choose from single trip travel insurance for one-off holidays or annual travel insurance if you'll be travelling frequently. Aviva's travel insurance provides a comprehensive range of standard cover and you can add in extras like winter sports travel insurance. Benefits include Cancellation or abandonment of your trip - up to 5,000 per person and Emergency medical treatment - up to 10 million. You won't find their deals on comparison websites so you will have to go direct to get a quote.

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Travel Insurance: The Facts

Travel Insurance guide

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance provides protection against medical expenses sustained while travelling abroad due to illness or accident. It covers you for hospital expenses, treatment, medication plus the cost of bringing you home. It also covers travellers for theft, lost luggage or cancellations. Without Travel Insurance you will be responsible for all costs should any of the aforesaid happen therefore it is in travellers’ best interests to make sure they have adequate cover.

Before comparing best travel insurance why not consult our frequently asked questions?

Are All Travel Insurance Policies the Same?

No, there are many different types of Travel Insurance cover meaning travellers can tailor their policy to ensure every eventuality is catered for. Some of the policies available include

  1. Single Trip Travel Insurance This type of policy covers one trip only with a maximum length of stay stipulated
  2. Annual Trip Travel Insurance Travellers who will be making regular trips over a twelve month period will benefit from this type of Travel Insurance. Generally these policies will stipulate a maximum stay per trip of around 30 to 40 days
  3. Long Stay Travel Insurance This covers trips that exceed the usual thirty day limit
  4. Worldwide Travel Insurance This covers travellers for trips all over the globe rather than just European Travel that also has its own insurance policy. Generally it is much more expensive to get medical treatment in the US, Australia or Asia so worldwide insurance cover is essential. This type of cover is also suitable for Gap Year students
  5. Winter Sports Travel Cover All snow sports or activities come under this Travel Insurance banner. Travellers who intend to ski, snowboard, or sledge require this specific cover. Activities that involve the white fluffy stuff are usually of a more risky kind therefore risk of serious injury is more common. Should you need airlifting from a mountainside or maybe you have your ski equipment stolen then you will be covered by your Winter Sports travel Insurance
  6. Extreme Sports Travel Cover If you plan to do an extreme sport such as sky diving or scuba diving, there maybe certain parts of that activity that are not covered in a regular travel insurance policy so be sure to check the policy on offer and also try insurers specialising in extreme sports cover.
  7. Family Travel Insurance This type of policy covers all the family, mum, dad and children. In some cases children under the age of eighteen get free cover too
  8. Pensioners Travel Insurance This usually covers older travellers providing extra cover for medical or emergencies. The three main age bands are 18-54, 55-64 and 65-74 years of age. Over 75’s may have to pay more.
  9. Pre-Existing Medical Cover will insure you for illnesses or conditions that you are suffering from already. You must declare all illnesses to your provider.

What Do I Need to Consider Before I Choose a Travel Insurance Policy?

Before you choose the type of insurance you want to buy you must ask yourself a number of questions including

  1. Am I going to travel abroad once this year or several times?
  2. Check if you need baggage cover, you may already be covered by another policy such as your contents insurance. If not how much cover does the policy provide?
  3. Make sure you make your insurer aware of any pre-existing conditions
  4. Don’t just go for cheap it isn’t always the best and may not give you the cover you require
  5. Make sure you have cancellation cover
  6. What is the excess amount of the policy if any?
  7. Make sure the policy has an international helpline number as you may need it
  8. Will I be engaging in any dangerous pursuits?
  9. Does the policy have any exclusions?
  10. Did I shop around and look at comparison sites to get the best deal?

What is the Minimum Travel Insurance Cover I Need?

This is entirely up to the traveller. Some people are happy to take a risk and buy minimum cover but we think this is not advisable. Ideally the minimum cover you need is

When travelling to Europe you need at least £1 million of emergency medical cover

US or Worldwide £2 million of emergency medical cover

£500 for loss of cash

£1000 for baggage lost or stolen

Making a Claim

So, you are on your holiday of a lifetime and the worst happens, how do you make a claim? Firstly make sure when you are setting off that you have all your Travel Insurance documents with you as you will need them if you need to go to hospital in the event of illness or injury.

Usually the hospital administration staff will contact the insurer for you if you are admitted to hospital. This is to check that your insurance cover is in order. Once the red tape is seen to, then your hospital stay should be straight forward as far as the insurance side of it is concerned.

As soon as you are taken ill, have an accident, lose your baggage or have something stolen you need to ring your insurance provider. As far as treatment goes you need to contact them so they can give the go ahead to begin with it. Make sure you have an international helpline number to call before you set off.

 You then need to ask your insurer to send you a claim form. You will then fill it in and return it as soon as possible with any forms and receipts concerning items lost or stolen. If your flight was cancelled you will need proof to make a claim, while any crime that was committed against you will require a police report. Keep copies of all receipts and documents that you send with your claim form along with a copy of the form itself. 

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