Direct Travel Insurance Review

Direct Travel Insurance review

Direct Travel Insurance is a UK company tracing its roots back to 1992. The company began officially trading in 1993 and now offers flexible and customized travel insurance packages for singles, families, and business travellers. In 2007 the company was acquired by Chartis, an American speciality insurance company operating in 130 countries around the world. Direct Travel Insurance pride themselves on offering the most flexible insurance options in the industry.

Site Overview

The company's website offers what you'd typically expect from a company in the travel insurance niche. You can view policy offerings, get quotes, and find out about the various services they offer. You can also renew existing policies and get direct access to their "talking nurses" staff. Other general information provided on the site includes FCO travel tips, country specific travel guides, and detailed policy wordings.

Why use Direct Travel Insurance?

Direct Travel Insurance is a good option if you're interested in a travel insurance company that focuses only on that one aspect of the insurance trade. While some of their competitors offer many different types of insurance coverage and other services, Direct Travel Insurance focuses on doing one thing, and doing it well. With the financial backing and reputation of Chartis behind them, the company can be counted on for reliable products that meet consumer needs.

Direct Travel Insurance Coverage

Direct Travel Insurance offers price quotes for the following types of coverage:

  • Single Trip Insurance - A single trip policy is designed to cover you for one incidence of travel either domestically or abroad. A single trip policy includes emergency medical, cancellations and itinerary changes, loss or theft of personal belongings, and coverage for more than 100 different activities. You can also purchase extra coverage for natural disasters and children over 17. Children 17 and under are automatically covered for free.
  • Annual Insurance - Annual travel insurance is similar to single trip coverage except that it's good for multiple trips throughout the year. This type of coverage is ideal for families who frequently travel or business travellers who are on the road throughout the year.
  • Speciality Insurance - Direct Travel Insurance is committed to offering flexible travel policies for a variety of needs. They can custom design a policy to cover special activities like skiing, backpacking, and a wide range of adventure sports. Included in this speciality insurance is emergency medical coverage and medical transportation.

Registration Requirements

There are no registration requirements to use the site, get online quotes, or purchase policies. In fact, Direct Travel Insurance has one of the easiest systems in the industry. The only downside to not making registration available is the fact that your quotes are not saved for your future reference. You'll have to write the numbers down or print the page where you see your quote.

Unique Selling Points

Direct Travel Insurance is somewhat unique in offering their "talking nurses" option. With this service policyholders can get in contact with certified nurses 24/7/365. The nurses can offer basic medical advice for travellers who find themselves sick or injured while on holiday. While the nurses can't provide a cure, they can recommend first aid procedures as well as advise consumers whether to seek additional emergency care.

Obtaining Quotes

To obtain a Direct Travel Insurance quote users begin by clicking the link for either single trip insurance or annual insurance. Single trip consumers will choose a destination, the dates of travel, and the number and ages of all travellers involved. They'll go through two more steps to complete the online form, after which they'll have the option of purchasing a policy online. Both single trip and annual customers can complete the purchase process in just a matter of minutes.

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