Insure & Go Travel Insurance Review

Insure & Go Travel Insurance review

InsureAndGo is a UK travel insurance company offering services domestically as well as in Australia and Ireland. The company specialises in various types of travel insurance policies underwritten by Mapfre Assistance, an international insurance company with headquarters in Madrid. In addition to travel insurance InsureAndGo offers discounted rates on airport services like parking, car hire, hotel rooms, and lounge passes.

Site Overview

At the InsureAndGo website you'll find all the information you need to know right at your fingertips. Of all the travel sites we visited, this one might even be the most enjoyable to use. It is very pleasing from a visual standpoint, yet not so bold and ostentatious that it's difficult to embrace. With just a few clicks you can read all about the different types of insurance policies and their special airport deals. You can also get an online quote and book their airport services directly from the site.

Why use InsureAndGo?

InsureAndGo is a good choice because they make finding travel insurance quick and easy. In other words, you don't have to wade through tons of menus and useless links to get the information you're after. The site should save you time and aggravation through its simplicity and ease-of-use. On the downside, you won't have access to a bevy of travel services if you are looking to purchase your insurance in conjunction with plane tickets, hotel reservations, and such.

InsureAndGo Insurance Coverage

InsureAndGo offers price quotes for the following types of insurance:

  • General Travel - InsureAndGo's General travel insurance is what you'd expect for most holiday trips. You can purchase a three-day policy, a policy to last two or three weeks, or one that goes as long as 12 months or more. General policies include basic medical coverage, emergency medical care, theft, loss of baggage and personal effects, trip cancellation and itinerary changes, and travel accident coverage.
  • Annual Insurance - For those who travel several times during the year an annual travel policy might be the way to go. It offers the same great coverage but for less money per trip. Buying an annual policy is similar to buying a 12-month membership at a fitness centre rather than 12 monthly memberships as you go. The idea is to save in bulk even while paying a higher up front price.
  • Speciality Insurance - InsureAndGo offers speciality policies for backpackers, winter sports enthusiasts, and seniors over 65 and over 75. These speciality policies take into consideration the activities consumers will be involved in. Policies are custom tailored to give maximum protection surrounding those activities. In terms of the senior insurance, policies are written with their special health needs in mind.
  • Other Insurance Options - When you visit the InsureAndGo website you may notice two other types of insurance not directly related travel: computer and gadget insurance. The idea behind offering this coverage is to ensure your gadgets while you're travelling. Yet even when you return from your trip, your policy can remain in force for continued protection at home. Computer and gadget insurance is very inexpensive, providing you a worthwhile payback if you ever have to make a claim.

Registration Requirements

It doesn't appear, from a cursory examination of the InsureAndGo website, users need to register in order to access its features. It's assumed that requesting a quote or trying to purchase any one of their products online would constitute a registration on your part.

Unique Selling Points

One of the things that make InsureAndGo unique is their ability to explain their products and services in a way the average consumer can understand. On their website you won't find a lot of over-hyped sales talk or industry jargon only professionals will know. That makes it much easier to find the insurance policy you're after. It also helps consumers feel much more at ease when purchasing a policy from them. Lots of travel insurance website could learn a lesson from their example.

Obtaining Quotes

InsureAndGo has set up their website to be familiar to consumers. As soon as you bring up the homepage you'll find a quote tool on the left side. You can also find the tool on individual insurance pages. Simply fill out the online form, click the submit button, and wait for the quotes to come back. The entire process is very quick and easy to use.

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