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compare Pet Insurance

Everyone that owns a pet should have pet insurance while 56% of us pet lovers do not have any cover which is a staggering fact! Just as you insure your treasured possessions you should also insure your pets. Like humans pets can become ill at any time or have an accident meaning that a trip to the vets is necessary. Vet bills are rising all the time making it an expensive item when it comes to an unexpected event. Taking out insurance for your pet will bring peace of mind plus save owners a whole load of cash in the long run should the worst happen.

  • Aviva
  • aviva
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  • John Lewis
  • john lewis pet
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  • Moneysupermarket
  • money super market pet insurance
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    Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Horse, Puppy, Kitten, Annual Cover, Life
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  • Confused
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    Multi-Pet, Cat, Dog, Kitten, Puppy, Operations, Treatments...
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  • Tesco Compare
  • tesco compare
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  • Money UK
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  • Types:
    Dog, Cat, Pet Travel, Puppy, Kitten...
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How Do I Find Pet Insurance?

The best place to look for your pet insurance is by browsing a comparison website. There are many on the internet that covers hundreds of different deals to insure your pet for every eventuality. Browsing is easy as most of the sites are simple to navigate, while they also provide a wealth of pet related information for owners to read up on.

Why Do I Need It?

It's simple really, should your pet fall ill, have an accident or destroy another person€™s property the bill you would have to pay could run into thousands of pounds. Ultimately taking out pet insurance takes away the worry and pressure of any such situations.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

It depends on the policy you take out as to what it will cover. Like any type of insurance there are extras that can be added making your policy more comprehensive. So, what is covered and what is not covered?

1. Most basic policies cover illness and accidents to a certain degree. Check with the company how far the cover actually goes

2. Most policies cover animal boarding fees for overnight stays in hospital

3. Advertising and recovery costs should your pet go missing

4. Legal expenses should your pet cause an accident or injury

5. Holiday cancellation is not usually covered as standard

6. Regular vaccinations are not covered

7. Neutering of your animal is not covered

What are the Main pet Insurance Policies?

The main policies are lifetime cover policies, limited time policies and maximum payment policies. 

Lifetime Cover gives customers a set amount of money each year to cover their vets fees and is renewed automatically each year. Customers who want to know their pet is covered for their lifetime will like this policy. Lifetime cover can be very expensive therefore it is best to shop around for the best deal.

Limited Time Policies This type of policy will cover an animal up to a pre-ordained amount, say £1000. Each claim does have a time limit set meaning after claiming for one year payments would cease. The ailment claimed for is then not covered with any future policy, while any further treatment by the vet for the condition will have to be paid for by the owner. Time limits, of course, means the policies are generally cheaper.

Maximum Payment Policies These policies have no time limit on them so that owners can claim for the term of the illness. They do however have a monetary limit so when the treatment costs reach the limit no more money will be paid out. 

What Other Types of Cover Do I Need to Consider?

Owners need to decide for themselves just what type of cover they want for their pet. All kinds of things can be covered by adding extras. We will list some below.

Cremation Costs This can be added to cover for a pet that dies by accident or through illness

Holiday Cover This will cover for if you have to cancel your trip as your pet is ill or has been involved in an accident 

Third Party Liability This covers dogs only not cats. As cats are regarded as wild animals and wander freely therefore owners cannot be held responsible for their actions

Kennel Fees/Cattery Fees This covers overnight stays in hospital due to sudden illness or accident

Older Pets Cover can be bought for older pets at a pre-arranged price. Premiums are generally high in this category as the risk is higher due to age

Pedigree Animals Cover is available but once again is more costly due to pedigree pets being of more value therefore more likely to be stolen

Pet Cover Abroad Some insurers like John Lewis will cover your pet for overseas travel, nonetheless, you will be expected to follow certain rules and regulations if you decide to take your dog, cat or ferret away with you. These rules depend on the country you intend to visit or are returning from, for instance, if you decide to travel to or return back to the UK from another EU and non-EU listed country your pet will need a microchip and meet a few other requirements that you will find listed on

What Do I Need to Consider When Choosing a Policy Checklist?

1. Is the vet fees cover of the policy high enough for my pet's needs?

2. Can I afford the payments of my chosen policy?

3. Is anything not covered? If so what?

4. Is there an excess to pay and if so how much is it?

5. If my pet has been ill in the past does it affect cost or cover?

6. Does the policy cover my pet for life?

7. Do I need liability cover?

8. How would I like to pay for my premiums?

Research the company of your choice to make sure they are reputable

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