Post Office Travel Insurance Review

Post Office Travel Insurance review

The Post Office is a government owned company responsible mainly for the commercial operations of the UK postal system. Along with Royal Mail, the Post Office handles everything from simple letters to parcels to freight shipments. Yet in addition to its normal postal operations the company is involved in a whole list of other consumer and business services as well. One of those services is travel insurance. The Post Office offers travel insurance in conjunction with other travel-related services including currency exchange and traveller's cheques, travel documents, car hire, and airport services.

Site Overview

Because the Post Office is such a large enterprise, their website contains a daunting amount of information. If you're interested only in travel insurance you'll find a link to it directly at the top of the homepage. Clicking that link will take you to a dedicated page offering information on travel insurance, obtaining quotes, getting a proper documentation, and finding helpful tips and travel warnings. If you're interested in some of the other Post Office services you'll find appropriate links across the top menu bar. Overall you'll find the site fast loading and simple to navigate.

Why use the Post Office for travel insurance?

One of the advantages of using the Post Office for travel insurance is the fact that it offers the backing of the UK government. Unlike other travel related companies that may go out of business overnight, the Post Office has been around for hundreds of years. It's likely to be around for hundreds more as well. When you choose travel insurance from the Post Office you'll be able to do so while conveniently shopping for other available services. It's fairly convenient to find postage stamps, utility services, and travel insurance all in the same place.

Post Office Travel Insurance Coverage

The Post Office offers price quotes for the following types of travel insurance:

  • Single Trip Insurance - With a single trip policy from the Post Office you will get coverage for up to 90 days whether you're travelling domestically or internationally. International travellers get an added benefit of a minimum of 5 million worth of emergency medical coverage. Consumers can choose single trip insurance from three options: basic, classic, and premium.
  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance - Annual travel insurance is designed for those who are taking multiple trips in a single year, be they for business or leisure. Consumers can take as many trips as they want within a year, up to 31 days per trip. They get all the same coverage as a single trip policy but with the addition of free coverage for children under the age of 18. Both annual and single trip insurance include coverage for more than 80 different activities.
  • Explorer Insurance - Explorer insurance is a product used by students who want to see the world before settling down, or adults who just need to take a break for an extended time. Explorer policies are meant for multiple destinations and can range from 2 to 12 months, providing coverage for medical emergencies, cancelled travel plans, lost and damaged personal belongings, and itinerary delays. More than 90 different activities are covered under one of these policies.
  • Long Trip Insurance - Long trip insurance is similar to Explorer insurance except that it's designed for adults up to age 65 who are visiting a limited number of destinations. Otherwise the coverage is nearly identical to the Explorer option.

Registration Requirements

To simply get a quote and compare coverage options no registration is required. However, to customize a travel policy or make an online purchase you will need to register. Fortunately, registration is part of the overall process so it's not something you have to do separately. One of the advantages of registering is that it gives you the ability to save insurance quotes for future reference. With a single registration you should be able to access all of the rest of the Post Office online services as well.

Unique Selling Points

Travel insurance from the Post Office is unique in that it comes with the backing of the UK government. Though the policy is underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited, it has the full support and backing of the Post Office. Consumers who purchase travel insurance policies may also be eligible for special discounts and Post Office deals offered throughout the year.

Obtaining Quotes

To get a quote simply visit the Post Office main webpage and click on the insurance link at the top. From there you can browse the four categories of insurance and click the quote and link when you're ready. The process of obtaining a basic quote is only for short steps; an additional few steps are necessary to customize a quote and purchase a policy.

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