Sta Travel Insurance Review

Sta Travel Insurance review

With more than 30 years experience in the travel industry, STA Travel is a global company offering a variety of travel related services in 90 countries. In addition to their online resources the company also maintains more than 400 local offices worldwide. They work with more than 6 million tourists annually providing travel insurance, visa procurement services, tour packages, and discounted reservations on hotels, air and train travel, and more.

Site Overview

The STA site looks like your typical travel portal with an airline search tool and banner advertisements for current specials on their home page. Across the top is a drop-down menu allowing you to choose from dozens of countries, depending on where you live and where you're going. Under the insurance link users have the opportunity to search for domestic travel insurance, international travel insurance, or information regarding the company that underwrites their policies. Overall the site is pleasant to use and fairly easy to navigate. If you're sensitive to bright colours you might find it difficult to spend a lot of time browsing though.

Why use STA?

The strength of STA Travel is the global nature of their business. Having so many locations around the world makes them experts at finding the best deals and helping consumers with all of the arrangements. STA offices in one country can coordinate with their counterparts in another country to ensure everything goes smoothly when you home to go abroad. In addition, the partnerships they have in place with the actual service providers add strength to their network.

STA Insurance Coverage

STA offers price quotes for the following types of insurance:

  • Domestic Travel - Travel insurance for the domestic traveller includes coverage only for your movement within your own country. It is less expensive than international insurance for obvious reasons. A typical domestic policy would have three components: trip cancellation and interruption, travel delay, and protection of baggage and personal effects. STA also offers additional emergency services and concierge at a slightly higher rate.
  • International Travel - This type of policy covers you whether you stay at home or travel abroad. It includes the same three components of the domestic policy plus health and dental coverage, emergency medical ground transportation, emergency air flight transportation, travel accident insurance, and on-demand medical services. Consumers have the option of choosing length of term depending on how long they will be abroad.

Registration Requirements

Registration is required to make full use of the STA Travel website. In addition, domestic travel insurance is only available in conjunction with purchasing an airline ticket through the company. The website gives no indication of requiring the purchase of a ticket in order to procure international travel insurance. However, you may want to check with an STA representative to find out for sure.

Unique Selling Points

One of the unique selling points of STA Travel is the effort they put into special promotions at the local level. For example, you can log onto the website, find a local office in your area, and check for special events that might be happening there. The company regularly hold promotional events that include give-aways, meet and greets, and special discounts on travel deals. The company uses the special events to get consumers in the door where they are more likely to sit down and discuss travel plans with an agent.

Obtaining Quotes

To obtain on online quote all consumers need to do is visit the STA website. Under the insurance heading is a list of their various policies along with their approximate cost. For a more detailed quote specific to your circumstances the website includes a toll-free telephone number consumers can call these big with a representative. Telephone representatives are available 24 hours per day. There's no clear indication on the site that your quotes and searches are saved for future reference; we assume they are based on the state of the industry.

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