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Top 10 Phones Coming in 2014 - An eager and excitable look at the phones of 2014 that will most definitely be worth waiting for

Future Gazing

It’s all very good living in the present, particularly when you consider the ridiculous level of technological development we are currently at. Even five years ago, we couldn’t have dreamed of possessing a tablet or a phone that has rapid 3G connectivity, and 4G was but a whisper in the distant future. The problem with living in the present is that too little time is spent looking at the future, which is where fantastic things like aspiration and next week’s episode of Downton Abbey reside. Also taking up residence in the not-too-distant future are the up and coming smartphones of2014 which millions of current-generation smarthphone users are very much looking forward to, myself included. Though there aren’t reams of data available about these prospective wonders of the technological age, there are rumours, preliminary specifications and leaked snippets of information about these phones, so here are ten handsets that we cannot wait to get our hands on.

Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round

For those that are a little flusher with cash, Samsung devices are probably more to your liking. Always offering some serious specs, screen size, and a no-laughing-matter price to go along with it, Samsung are the leaders of the Android market and the Galaxy Round signifies a departure from the Samsung norm more extreme than we have previously seen.

This phone is the first in the world to possess an incurved screen, though in specification it is almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Its full-HD 5.7 screen is ample and its 386ppi pixel density makes it incredibly detailed. The 13 megapixel camera also decimates Apple’s poor iPhone year after year, and its processor is the quad-core Snapdragon 800 clocking in at 2.3 GHz. The Round is fast, it is stylish, but unfortunately is only available in Korea at the hefty price of $1000, with no plans yet to release it to the rest of the world.

iPhone 6

iphone 6

While it was once a laughable concept that iPhone would ever compete with the likes of Samsung in sheer power and functionality, the iPhone 5S surprised us all (in the former propert at least). No sooner than the 5S had arrived, the world was already looking forward to the iPhone 6, so what do we know? Well, the phone will arrive in Summer, 2014, which is much sooner than we expected. Also, the 6 will finally catch up with the current screen sizes expected of smartphones today. Apple have always been slow on the uptake, and it is shameful that they will be in 2014 where Samsung have been for a few years now in terms of size, but we can also expect an edge-to-edge screen design and more powerful processor as part of the biggest revolution in the Apple iPhone camp yet.


lg g3

As is often the case with phones whose release dates are in the reasonably distant future (distant by technology’s standards, anyhow), the LG G3’s particulars are still shrouded in a certain degree of mystery, but what we do know about the phone is particularly exciting. It is expected that the G3 will sport a fingerprint scanner, a ridiculously hi-res 4K display, a powerful CPU of 64-bit construction, and a rear-facing camera that clocks in at 16 megapixels. The size of its screen isn’t yet known, but no matter what the size you can bet that it’s going to be one of the most detailed and crisp displays available.

The G3 could be coming to us as soon as the first quarter of 2014 and will be competing directly with Samsung’s Galaxy S5. With the specs we currently know of, it wouldn’t be surprising if the G3 sneaks ahead of its competition whilst also smashing the greatness of its predecessor, the LG G2, to pieces.

HTC One Max

HTC One Max

Imagine the HTC One but bigger, bolder, and generally better, and you’ve got the HTC One Max. The Max is partially in reference to the 5.9 inch screen which allows it to hold the “phablet” label; it is also in reference to the general power of the phone, afforded to it by its quad-core 1.7GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. This phone will almost certainly have a fingerprint scanner as well in response to Apple’s touch ID system. Expect the HTC One Max to launch in October 2013, likely around the 15-20th.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Details about the S4 are pretty scarce on the internet at the moment, with only snippets of information knocking about that point towards likely features of the Note 4 upon its release in 2014. Confirmed is the Note 4’s improved camera which will form part of a device-wide expansion making the cameras 4 times brighther than before. We can only hope for more processing power in the Note 4, and also for it to be less bloated with Samsung’s software, which takes up an incredible amount of space considering that it is inferior to that of Google’s alternative and superior apps.

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

sony xperia t2 ultra

CES 2014 was host to a wide range of announcements from various companies unveiling exciting new phones, and for Sony, it was the perfect opportunity to tell the world about its upcoming, affordable new phablet device. The Xperia T2 Ultra is a phone for the emerging markets that will possess a 6-inch display with 1080x720 resolution. It won't be the most powerful phone though, with a 1.4GHz quad-core snapdragon 400 for a processor and 1GB of RAM. We've certainly seen more powerful phones but the T2 Ultra will provide users with a reasonably powerful phablet device which is being described by Sony as "affordable". Other features include MicroSD card support for up to 32Gb in addition to the 8GB of internal storage, a 13MP rear-facing camera capable of HD video recording, and a hefty 3,000 mAh battery. The phone will come in purple, white, or black version.

Sony Xperia E1

sony xperia e1

Unveiled alongside the Xperia T2 Ultra at CES 2014, the Xperia E1 is intended to be a music-centric phone with some decent specs to go along with the high-quality audio experience. The phone is definitely mid-range, with a modest dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and a display that is 4 inches in size. These specs reflect the fact that this is intended as a budget phone for the emerging markets, but it will no doubt have its place in the West as well.

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