Virgin Travel Insurance Review

Virgin Travel Insurance review

Virgin Travel Insurance is a subsidiary of Virgin Money, one of 400 companies that are part of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group conglomerate. Virgin Group was originally founded in 1970 with a single UK record shop. It has since grown into an international conglomerate worth billions of pounds annually. Virgin's areas of speciality include travel, media, and entertainment. As for Virgin Travel Insurance, it is offered through the Virgin Money site; a site that also gives users access to home, motor, pet, and life insurance.

Site Overview

The Virgin Travel Insurance website will look very familiar to those who have used other Version sites in the past. The familiar red logo appears in the upper left corner, along with the unified black menu bar across the top and sidebar to the left. The fact that Virgin uses this same model across all of their websites makes the travel site as easy to navigate as their mobile phone site or their airline site. In other words, if you're familiar with one Virgin website you should have no problem navigating any of them.

Why use Virgin Travel Insurance?

For many people the Virgin brand name is synonymous with the finest quality in the UK. Branson and his executive staff have done an excellent job of conveying their commitment to quality throughout all of their various enterprises. If nothing else, the Virgin brand is the name UK residents have come to trust implicitly. When you use Virgin Travel Insurance you'll get the strength of the name along with the backing of excellent customer service. From time to time you'll also be able to take advantage of special deals between multiple Virgin companies.

Virgin Travel Insurance Coverage

Virgin Travel Insurance offers price quotes for the following types of coverage:

  • Single Trip Insurance - If you're only planning to take a single trip before the end of the year this is probably the best policy option for you. A single trip policy covers you for things like trip cancellations, flight delays and other itinerary changes, baggage losses, and medical emergencies. Right now Virgin is also offering free coverage for up to three children for every adult insured.
  • Annual Trip Insurance - Like most of their competitors, Virgin Travel Insurance also offers an annual policy for frequent travellers. This policy is a good option for business travellers or casual travellers who take more than two or three trips annually. Policies can be customized to take into account various destinations, activities, and numbers of travellers per trip.
  • Adventure Sports Insurance - For the backpacker or adventure sports enthusiast Version Travel Insurance offers custom tailored policies covering more than 40 different types of activities. In addition to backpacking you can get a travel insurance policy providing coverage for skiing, mountain biking, bungee jumping, and more. This speciality insurance includes emergency medical service, hospital stays, medical transportation, and even return travel if medically necessary.
  • Over 65 Coverage - Senior travellers between the ages of 65 and 75 can purchase single or multi-trip policies uniquely tailored to their health needs. Over 65 policies offer all the coverage of a standard single or multi-trip policy, with a few extras added exclusively for older travellers.

Registration Requirements

It doesn't appear registration is required in order to get a travel insurance quote or purchase a policy. However, consumers who want to save their quotes for future use or manage their policies online will have to do so. Registration involves filling out an online form; a process that doesn't take very long at all. You'll be given a username and password that will allow you to log back in on a future visit.

Unique Selling Points

As we previously talked about, the most unique aspect of Virgin Travel Insurance is its ties to the Virgin empire. Because the company is part of Richard Branson's conglomerate there are special deals and promotions that tie the various Virgin companies together. This has the potential to save consumers significant amounts of money if they hit the right deals at just the right time.

Obtaining Quotes

Consumers who wish to get a travel insurance quote can go directly to the website or access it through Virgin Money. Links to the various travel insurance options are available under the "insurance" heading. From there, obtaining a quote is as simple as answering a few questions. Consumers can review basic quotes, customize policies for specific purposes, and then purchase a policy right online. From start to finish you could have a travel policy in force in under 15 minutes.

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